Other applications for igm welding robots

igm also offers appropriate solutions for various applications to help automate production anuud increase your productivity, improve throughput and therefore make you more money. 

Here are some other products that are manufactured in the UK using our Robitic welding and cutting machines: 

Construction machines (Yellow goods), Submarine Components, Aerospace Components, Cherry Pickers, Road Sweepers & Tankers, Bailing & Agricultural Machines, Wind Turbines, Aluminum Ladders, Boilers, Waste Containers, Bridges, Cable cars, Air-conditioning Units, Skips, Gates and Conveyor Systems. Our welding robots are also used by smaller jobbing shops / fabricators that manufacture components within the industrial supply chain as well as Universities to help teach students - we can offer the appropriate type of equipment for every application; get in touch now to see how we can help you.

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