Free Welding Audit

So you think you might be interested in a purchasing a Robotic think it might help your throughput and production; helping you to increase your profits...but you aren't quite sure?

We understand.

Buying a Robotic Welding System isn't a spur of the moment decision. It might need capital funding; it will certainly change how you operate your facility and maybe open your company up to potential new products, markets and customers; it is a big decision.

This is why we offer a FREE welding audit. We will visit your site, look at the products you manufacture and want welding and give you an honest assessment of whether one of our systems will meet your goals. If we think it does, we will then produce a proposal for you, giving details of the equipment, realistic cycle times and other operational data; so you can see all the facts. However, if it won't help you, we would say straight away. We have the luxury of being part of a financially stable company that operates globally so we aren't under pressure to sell systems that don't genuinely benefit our customers; we at igm think that approach is bad business. We also have a Robotic Welding Machine at our premises; so we are able to offer demonstrations using your products; so you can see before you buy. In most circumstances we can also offer onsite visits to our existing customers, so you can talk to them about us...we feel our existing customers are our biggest assets.

So please get in touch and arrange a visit; we look forward to speaking to you soon.

igm team - United Kingdom