Control System

igm Teaching Pendant K6

All robot functions may be controlled by the outstanding teach pendant K6 without an additional keyboard. The resistant plastic housing makes for an extremely light weight of 1.3 kg; The lightweight teach pendant includes a 8.4” touch screen, an USB plug on the back is provided for memory sticks. The pushbuttons may be easily used and operated even when wearing protective gloves; the pushbuttons as well as the optional joystick are designed for heavy use.


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The control cabinet for igm robots

The RCE control system is based on a standard PC with current processor technology. The complete control system for the six robot axes and up to ten external NC axes is included in a compact control cabinet connected to the robot, the teach pendant, the operating cassette, the external axes, and the power source by cables, pluggable on both sides. The RCE system includes fully digital servos controlled through EtherCAT.

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