Portal systems

igm offers portal gantry systems for welding large-scale components, customized for individual applications. Portal gantry systems range from a track gauge of 3 to 25m with vertical tracks of up to 6m positioning range.

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Robot periphery

The Robot Arm can be mounted on the robot periphery in an upright or inverted, overhead position. The external axes of the track systems are fully integrated as coordinated, synchronised external axes of the robot which significantly extending the working area and envelope of the robot. 

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Work piece periphery

The work piece manipulator holds, positions and moves the work pieces. These manipulators are external axes to the robot and are fully integrated, coordinated and synchronised in the RCE control system.

These external axes are frequently included in the welding steps as a synchronised movement combining with the robot arm to establish a continuous weld path. Using the teach pendant, they are programmed together with the robot axes.

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