igm Beveling Machine iBS

iBS Control Concept

The controls are a fully digital system. This means that there are only digital signal processors (DSP) and no analogue components included in the whole of the control process. All control components (control cabinet, computer-controlled axes and teach pendant) are connected to each other via a digital bus system.

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iBS System Configuration

Sensor-controlled bevelling system for automated welding seam preparation with plane steel plates. The stable portal construction including application-oriented design of the cutter head supports all types of upper side or bottom side cuts with sensor-controlled edge tracking.

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igm Laser Edge Sensor

Optimum results can be achieved with the use of this sensor which has had its hard and software optimized for continuous torch tracking.

Here, a water-cooled laser camera is involved which looks at the cutting edge in front of the cutting torch and regulates its position. 

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Offline Programming

An important factor in developing this control software was the wish to significantly simplify the offline programming. Since all calculations of the axes positions are made by the control system, the programmes created offline must only additionally contain the work piece coordinates or those which contain information pertaining to chamfering. 

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Software for Flame Cutting Operations

This software is optimized for especially easy setting of work programmes for flame cutting chamfers on flat sheet metal. For this purpose the control system calculates all positions of the axes of the flame cutting system, from the work piece contours determined offline and the numerically specified chamfer parameters (chamfer angle, web height or chamfer width and chamfer depth), taking into account the programmed thickness of the sheet metal as well as the specific torch parameters (kerf width). 

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