Why choose igm?

Why choose igm?

igm is a customer focused, ethical & professional company that manufactures Robotic Welding machines (we offer a Turnkey solution) to increase your productivity, throughput and therefore profits. igm Robotic welders can be anywhere between 3 and 10 times faster than a human and consistently give a better quality weld.

First and foremost we are welders, so process driven, we aren't just a robotics company that makes machines; we understanding welding and the issues that go with it...in fact igm manufactured the world's first robotic welder back in 1982. Our robots are easy to use and are completely flexible...if you can use a modern mobile phone, you can programme and operate one of our machines.
Full training and ongoing UK based support is part of the comprehensive package and all of our engineers work for us; (we don't use sub-contractors like some companies) this enables us to GUARANTEE an uptime (reliability) of 96% which is the best in the world. We aren't just retailers selling other company's products; therefore we take full responsibility for all equipment we install; including any guards and fume extraction.

We can also offer flexible payment terms (outright purchase, renting or leasing).
Get in touch today to organize a FREE welding audit - www.igmrobotwelding.co.uk/free-welding-audit/
igm Robotic Welding Systems - "The robots welders would choose"